King Creosote | RUG485 | Released: 26/08/12

Image: To Deal With Things

Come in! Get your oilskins off. Put your feet up. Help yourself to Earl Grey and a macaroni pie.
Where were we?
Ten years, a hundred, a thousand, from now, people will ask what we learned from the Gaels. And our gorgeous, hyper-cerebral progeny will rejoinder thus: we learned that the 1980s was the greatest decade – just look at Dexy’s, Simple Minds, Talk Talk. We learned that forty-something albums in, King Creosote – KC, Kenny Anderson – was still turning over new ground; still writing surprising, beautiful songs.
We learned that in the year of our monarch 2012, the man rarely known as Anstruther’s Don Juan came forth with a series of pleasing twelve-inches, of which this in your hand is the second instalment. We learned that KC has a spirit shrub and sometime arch-gorse nemesis in the ancient, enigmatic King Clone Creosote Bush.
The King Clone Creosote Bush has many uses. It has medicinal properties, healing powers. It can aid sexually transmitted diseases; alleviate snakebites; combat pollution.
But it cannot mend hearts. And it cannot break them.
KC can do both of these things.  
And he will.


Image: To Deal With Things

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