The Laurel Collective | 007 | Released: 04/05/08

Image: Vuitton Blues

Debut single ‘Vuitton Blues’ is a psyched-pop epic with a chorus of gargantuan proportions. It has the oddball charm to match its epic ambitions that over the course of four minutes taps into the euphoric spirit of Brian Wilson’s "Teenage Symphony to God". Singer, Bob Tollast’s lyrics come to the fore with bitingly cynical lines: “If you had the guts you’d quit this low paid gulag / take your girl and buy a blue Louis Vuitton bag”. When Bob brings the final chorus back in with the line, “feels like the world’s falling to pieces” it’s truly one of those spine-tingling perfect moments, where the phrasing and melody render such a simple line absolutely heart breaking.


Image: Vuitton Blues

DS007 | Double Six | Out now

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  • Side 1
    01. Vuitton Blues
  • Side 2
    01. Krypton Factor