Royal Trux | 21/10/10

Image: Royal Trux

Royal Trux, comprised of Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema, were never one of the most famous bands making music in the 90s, but they were beyond doubt one of the most influential. Their wonky, street hassle approach pioneered the sound of the New Rock Revolution which sprang up at the beginning of the last decade spawning bands like The White Stripes and The Kills, and they cultivated the look and lived the lifestyle embodied in Nic Roeg’s Performance long before the fashionistas caught on. It’s not for nothing that Royal Trux decided to notoriously use a photograph of a broken, overflowing toilet for one of their major label album covers, which seems to perfectly epitomise the fiercely uncompromising vision which would cement their status as underground legends, which is why Domino is so excited to announce the re-issued release of their first four albums, available on 10th January 2011 on CD and LP.

These four albums were the beginning of their mysterious legacy, and each one represents an essential progression in their sound. Beginning in 1988 with “Royal Trux” (The First Album) (REWIGCD3), which served as an introduction to their busted fusion of synth abstraction and cracked licks, and a sound that seemed to so perfectly evoke the woozy, nightmarish spirit lurking at the heart of "The Cocksucker Blues", Jennifer and Neil would move on to make “Twin Infinitives” (1990) (WIGCD8), a double album warped enough to rival a stone cold, freak classic like "Trout Mask Replica", explore a spooked sensitivity that had heretofore hidden behind the grit and grime on “Royal Trux” (Skulls) (1992) (WIGCD5). They would conclude this amazing run of creativity with their most widescreen sounding moment, the accessible (in Royal Trux terms) “Cats and Dogs” (WIGCD6) in 1993, before moving on to sign a million dollar deal with a major label who probably didn’t know what they had bargained for at the time.

These re-issues are a vital reminder of the incredible and innovative music Royal Trux began their career making, and proof that Royal Trux were indeed the real deal. The full tracklisting for each album is as follows:

Royal Trux (The First Album) - REWIGCD3 - 1988
1 - Bad Blood
2 - Incarceration
3 - Strawberry Soda
4 - Hashish
5 - Sanction Smith
6 - Zero Dok
7 - Touch
8 - Bits and Spurs
9 - Esso Dame
10 - Sice I Bones
11 - Gold Dust
12 - Jesse James
13 - Andersonville
14 - The Set Up
15 - Walking Machine
16 - Hawk’n Around

Twin Infinitives - WIGCD8 - 1990
1 - a track
2 - Solid Gold Tooth
3 - Ice Cream
4 - Jet Pet
6 - Kool Down Wheels
7 - Changes Are The Comets In Our Future
8 - Yin Jim Versus The Vomit Creature
9 - Osiris
10 - (Edge Of The) Ape Oven
11 - Florida Avenue Theme
12 - Lick My Boots
13 - Glitterbust
14 - Funky Son
15 - Ratcreeps
16 - New York Avenue Bridge

Royal Trux (Skulls) - WIGCD5 - 1992
1 - Air
2 - Move
3 - Hallucination
4 - Junkie Nurse
5 - Sometimes
6 - Lightning Boxer
7 - Blood Flowers
8 - Sun On the Run

Cats & Dogs - WIGCD6 - 1993
1 - Teeth
2 - Turn Of The Century
3 - Up The Sleeve
4 - The Flag
5 - Hot And Cold Skulls
6 - Friends
7 - Tight Pants
8 - The Spectre
9 - Skywood Greenback Mantra
10 - Driving In That Car (with the eagle on my hood)