About Group | 21/05/13

Image: About Group vid

All Is Not Lost will be released as the first single from About Group’s forthcoming third album on June 24th 2013. The album, Between The Walls, will be available on July 1st.

All Is Not Lost is a classic heartbreak ballad; hinting at a more modern r'n'b mode of writing, the strange but wonderful airlessness of such productions is replaced here with the electricity and liveliness of a straight to tape recording session, capturing the band in performance.

The accompanying video was directed by Swedish artist, Henrik Håkansson:


‘This film is a collage of projects that have recently been exhibited as single works, where bits and pieces are psyched together to create a visionary and open reading to words and music. The visions of my work use reflections of or by fragments in our surrounding environment, mirroring a personal statement on the state of our natural world today. In the end it is a shared vision of gain and loss.’ Watch it HERE.

About Group: All Is Not Lost on Nowness.com

About Group can also announce an album launch show at the Dalston Victoria in London, on July 4th. Purchase tickets HERE.

Between The Walls captures the sound of a band 'playing' together, in both senses of the word - experimenting and trying things, being playful, as much as being a group performing as a unit together. Between The Walls is the sound of people pushing towards and pulling against one another simultaneously. It is the sound of buzzing amplifiers, sudden musical non-sequiturs, loud blasts of straight synth lines cutting through melody and structure. And it is also the sound of beautiful and odd electronic textures and brilliantly defined and deliberate drums, underpinning fragile but deliberate performances of sad songs and country ballads.

Between The Walls will be available on CD (WIGCD292), LP (WIGLP292), DL (WIG292D) and on special edition 2 x CD, featuring a bonus disc with DJ loops, available through Dom mart and indie stores only. Pre-order the album HERE. Download album track, Walk On By, HERE.


NB. The Trees Used Were Condemned And Were Scheduled To Be Destroyed Regardless Of The Filming.



Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now)

John Coxon (Spring Heel Jack, Spiritualized)

Pat Thomas (has played with Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley)

Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip)

Between The Walls is About Group’s last album with Charles Hayward who now moves on to other projects.