Dirty Projectors | 19/06/12

Image: Dirty Projectors - Hi Custodian

Fans of intricate polyrhythms, entwining guitars, architectural vocal harmonies and diamond-perfect songwriting will no doubt already be fans of Dirty Projectors, but there's a different side that's been lurking just under the surface. Whatever your favourite high-school film, be it Heathers, The Breakfast Club or Mean Girls, you'll know about the various cliques that rule the campus.

Well who knew Dave Longstreth et al would be found on the cheerleaders' table in the lunch hall? It's true! See Dirty Projectors' Amber and Haley go all "Hey Mickey" in this trailer for the upcoming Dirty Projectors half-hour film entitled Hi Custodian:

Pretty exciting, huh?

There will be a further glimpse in a few weeks and then the whole thing (directed by Dave Longstreth himself) will be out on Pitchfork TV around the same date as their super new record, Swing Lo Magellan.

Don't forget that you can still pre-order the special deluxe LP version which comes with a limited edition 'tablet of values', which has lead single "Gun Has No Trigger" cut at 45 rpm on the A-Side, with the B-Side featuring an etching of the lyrics of that song, translated into Sumerian Akkadian Cuneiform by Dr. M. Wllis Monroe.