Austra | 17/01/14

Image: Austra Hurt Me

Austra have shared a video for the track Hurt Me Now, taken from their second album, Olympia. Watch it premiering on Dazed Digital HERE.

Katie Stelmanis said of the video:

"Working with M Blash is a rare experience. I like to give him a song and let him do whatever he wants cause when his mindflow is undisturbed the results are psychedelic and matchless."

Olympia is an album of transformation; it presents a quantum evolution in the Toronto-based band’s sound, structure and style. Olympia is also the first confessional record for the principal songwriter/vocalist, Katie Stelmanis, whose heartfelt lyrics touch on a range of sentiments that stem from a relationship ending, a relationship beginning, and friends' struggles with addiction and motivation.

Written and recorded in collaboration with members of Austra's touring band, the album takes influences from musical sources including South American wind ensembles, eastern folk music, 80s industrial and Chicago house. Olympia remains a pop record of deep layers and subtle gesture; one that requires patience to absorb the nuance to be found within its layers.

Austra is Katie Stelmanis, Maya Postepski and Dorian Thornton.


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