Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang | 01/01/70

Image: Island JPG

Hopefully by now you know about the release of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang's new single, Island Brother / New Wonder, which is being sold in aid of Lousiville based organization, EDGE Outreach, who have been providing aid to Haiti, educating Haitians on how to provide themselves with safe drinking water following the earthquake crisis.

Now we have a video to accompany New Wonder. The hauntingly still video, which juxtaposes footage of Bonnie and his gang smiling and hanging out seemingly carefree, with footage of a child's funeral provides an appropriately sobering experience.

The video is streaming exclusively at the EDGE Outreach website, where you can also find out more information about their organization and the single release.

Island Brothers / New Wonder will be released February 21st, 2011.