Lone Pigeon | 11/01/11

Image: lone pigeon box set

Some of you may remember just before Christmas, last year, Domino quietly releasing ‘Time Capsule’, a mammoth 7 album box set of Lone Pigeon material, which was sold exclusively through Dom Mart. Well for fans of one of Domino’s most mysterious and elusive artists, Christmas has come all over again with the news that ‘Time Capsule’ is set to receive a wider release on 11th April 2011.

For those of you who may have missed out on the original news story; a recap. ‘Time Capsule’ is comprised of mostly unreleased material. This being a Lone Pigeon release though we feel the need to state that at some point some of these songs may have been distributed as one of the many uber limited CDrs that have been known to pass hands amongst the Fence Collective faithful. In general though ‘Time Capsule’ will be a total introduction to much of this music.

The box set is packaged in beautiful mini card LP sleeves adorned with kaleidoscopic, acid sugar rush artwork, perfectly complimenting the colourful chaos of Lone Pigeon’s singular music, which to be honest we wont even try and explain, because its almost entirely unexplainable, especially when amassed as 7 whole albums worth.

‘Time Capsule’ also comes with some illuminating sleeve notes from King Creosote, who happens to be Lone Pigeon’s brother, and who readily admits he finds his brother to be as much of a puzzle as the rest of us. He seems to sum things up best in fittingly cryptic terms when he calls his brother, “a wanderer, a pilgrim, a messianic jew, a dervish, a vandal, a prophet, but mainly a lost soul.” Make of that what you will, but it makes a strange kind of sense to us, and probably will for anyone else who immerses themselves in this almost indescribable collection of songs.

‘Time Capsule’ will be available as a 7 CD box set (RewigCD77X) and, for the first time, via digital download (Rewig77XD). On the same day we will be releasing ‘28 Secret Tracks’ (RewigLP77), one of the key albums from the box set as a limited edition vinyl album, which will be the first time any Lone Pigeon music has been released on vinyl, ever.

Pre-order 'Time Capsule'
Pre-order '28 Secret Tracks'

The tracklisting is as follows, but please note that the album ’28 Secret Tracks’ has no tracklisting. Naturally.

1 Time's A White Rabbit
2 Heaventree
3 Womblight
4 Autumn Stone
5 Don’t Sell My Love
6 Sitting On A Toadstool
7 Waiting
8 Rocks
9 Fly A Plane Down To Meet You
10 Rox
11 Long Way Down
12 Light Of A Sunday
13 Palpitations
14 Sol
15 Summertyme Beeswing
16 Transformers
17 I Came On Home
18 Ants

1 The Trumptons
2 How Can I Go?
3 Incy Wincy Spider
4 Maheema Sitara
5 The Ginger Darth Vader
6 Glover Lowry
7 Wannabe
8 The Future’s Like A Paintbrush
9 Marcus’ Song
10 Sonovox 3
11 Shadow Of Pain
12 Sleeping Away
13 Telescope Engine
14 Simple Simon
15 Jack The Mouse
16 Silly Little Mousemen
17 Picketty Packetty
18 Hunk Papa Cotton
19 Kirkaldy
20 Helter
21 Winter Joseph
22 Someone Ate The Egg Roll
23 Moog Space City
24 Harpsichord Glover
25 Medicine Man
26 Wide Open Space
27 Won’t You Take Me Back?
28 Captain Barnacle
29 Xfam Radio


1 Glover
2 Sdlmnm (Organs)
3 Cold Mountain
4 Sound Of A Gun
5 God In His Room
6 Yavtilern
7 Scottish Hills
8 Glover Smile
9 Wooden Shack
10 Unknown Yesterday
11 Rusty Shores
12 Guitar Space
13 Kerry's Orange Window
14 This Beginning Of Miracles

1 Empty World (Reprise)
2 Rainbow Pain
3 Same Road
4 Won't You Take Me By The Hand
5 Fyrebird
6 Change My Way
7 Oceanairy
8 Piano Berceuse
9 The Misanthropist
10 Thank You Lord
11 Lonelyman
12 Lady
13 Back To America
14 Oh How The Night Grows Long
15 Billy Jack (Reprise)
16 The Isle Of May
17 Autumn Rain
18 Softer Than A Flower
19 Bakwoodz
20 Seawalk
21 The Raincloud
22 Redwoods

1 Flash Guitar
2 Lovend
3 You Were Once In Love
4 Juicy Little Flies In The Highlands
5 Nancy's Song
6 Sits Alone On A Saturday Night
7 Waiting For You Girl
8 The Last Summer
9 Mr Yesterday
10 Alone (Again)
11 Onlee Back
12 Jiggajigg
13 Riding On The Rain
14 Memory Of America
15 Theremin Layette
16 Tomorrow
17 Spaceriver
18 The Misanthropist
19 Take Me By The Hand
20 Emily
21 Emily Norris
22 My Piano Is Dying
23 Rainclouds Lovend

1 Lady Harmzabellogram
2 Porcupine Wife
3 Afex Recording Studio
4 Sally Bradwell
5 Dove Returning
6 Waterfall
7 Bobbie's Song
8 The Black Door
9 Happy
10 Lovers Canyon
11 Silver Ship
12 Tickertytum
13 Old Mr Muncherman
14 Work In Time
15 Robotman
16 Truths
17 Lonely As Shxt
18 Honest Again
19 Tomorrow
20 Cold Mountain
21 Only Waiting
22 Boats
23 Primal Stream
24 Henry
25 Pete's Garlic Sausage