Lone Pigeon | 01/01/70

Image: The Lone Pigeon

Lone Pigeon, one of Domino’s most elusive and enigmatic artists is returning in a big way in April 2011 with the release of Time Capsule, a massive 7 album box set which contains pretty much everything the man has ever made. We now have confirmation that in the same month the man is also set to take to the road to play a series of very rare live performances across the UK, with support from fellow Fence Records family, Pictish Trail. For Lone Pigeon fans and Fence Collective obsessives, it’s Christmas all over again.

Packaged in beautiful mini card LP sleeves with dizzyingly colourful artwork that looks like the inside of a child’s distorted imagination has exploded into reality, Time Capsule contains tracks which may (or may not) have been released on CDr in the past, and provides a fascinating insight into the mind of an artist who has remained impossible to pin down.

Time Capsule also comes with some illuminating sleeve notes from King Creosote, who happens to be Lone Pigeon’s brother, and who readily admits he finds his brother to be as much of a puzzle as the rest of us. He seems to sum things up best in fittingly cryptic terms when he calls his brother, “a wanderer, a pilgrim, a messianic jew, a dervish, a vandal, a prophet, but mainly a lost soul.” Make of that what you will, but it makes a strange kind of sense to us, and probably will for anyone else who immerses themselves in this almost indescribable collection of songs.

Time Capsule will be available as a beautifully packaged 7 CD box set (RewigCD77X) and via digital download (Rewig77XD) on 11th April.

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On the same day we will be releasing one of the key albums from the box set as a ltd edition vinyl album – 28 Secret Tracks (RewigLP77) will be the only Lone Pigeon music to be released on vinyl at this time.

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Lone Pigeon's live dates are as follows:

9th April: Community Hall, Crail
14th April: St Paul’s Church Hall, Edinburgh
15th April: The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen
16th April: The Butterfly Cabinet, Newcastle
19th April: South St Arts Centre, Reading
20th April: Bush Hall, London
22nd April: Islington Mill, Manchester