The Magnetic Fields | 09/05/12

Image: The Magnetic Fields - Quick!

You would no doubt be surprised to hear that The Magnetic Fields had released a rubbish video, but that is the case. Well, actually the video is wonderful, but it's about rubbish. Rubbish bins to be exact.

In typical iconoclastic fashion, Stephin Merritt et al have put out a lovely video for the latest single from Love at the Bottom of the Sea: "Quick!", which has at its heart a tentative love affair by two of the loveliest rubbish bins (or "trash cans" for our American audience) you have doubtless ever laid eyes on. The song itself is a strident while utterly heartbroken eulogy for a stricken relationship, constructed around a glacial synth-bass line and featuring the pitch-perfect Merritt couplet: "Torture me for your  amusement/Oh but who will pay the rent?".

The video, though, is a much more life-affirming affair. Watch it here, now, for FREE!