Juana Molina | 08/09/08

Image: un dia

To celebrate the release of Juana Molina’s fifth album Un Dia on 6th October 2008 we’re proud to offer you this gift.

The opening song, also called ‘Un Dia’ or One Day in English, is now completely free to download now from our Domino Digital Store. The song is a slow building hurricane of rhythms, beats and looping mantra of vocals declaring:

Un día voy a cantar las canciones sin letra y cada uno podrá imaginar si hablo de amor, de desilusión, banalidades o sobre platón.

(Or, in English) “One day I will sing the songs with no lyrics and everyone can imagine for themselves if it’s about love, disappointment, banalities or about Plato.”

For 12 years now Juana Molina had ventured down her own musical path with the unrelenting, searching energy that only a handful of her female contemporaries (Bjork, Konono, MIA, Feist) could also acclaim. Since her vocational shift from primetime TV comedy in Argentina, her evolution from pin up ‘World Music Artist’ (whatever that means) to pioneering vocal/acoustic loop songstress to a master of her art form, Juana’s music is now getting the recognition and audience is has long deserved and the world finally seems to realize that music doesn’t have to fit into an easy explanation to move and seduce you.

Un Dia takes you to a looser, wilder and darker place than previous ventures and as the album cover might alludes, it displaces you in a spellbinding world that you can image Guillermo Del Toro-like alien characters inhabiting but still with the angelic voice, textured melodies and a strange and beautiful complex simplicity and that we know and love.

To see Juana Molina live is to witness the mad science of musical alchemy before your very eyes and Juana will be performing live at Domino’s Crystal Anniversary show on the 5th October at the majestic St Luke’s Church in London and continuing across the UK and Europe.

Pre-order Un Dia today on CD £8.99