Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie | 07/06/13

Image: Omaha

From the back pages of the acclaimed What The Brothers Sang album to the steamy shores of Malta comes the video for ‘Omaha’, directed by media artist, curator and filmmaker Ben Russell, in his first outing ever as a video director. Shoulder to shoulder, with only an ocean between them, Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy sing of and through the veil of time as the clock runs forward and back, and man returns to the water at the resigned finish.

Watch the video for ‘Omaha’ below.


The creepy streets and discotheques of Italy along with the peaked hoods and robes make you think that some little dwarf is gonna jump out and stick Bonny, Donald Sutherland-style, but he lives to love another day, thank Job!

Ben Russell acquits himself nicely and employs some of his vaunted experimental techniques that have made his an international art house name. Drinking game - take one every time you see the Senator from Gladiator in the video. OR - take a drink every time you see Dawn and Bonnie play this song live this summer.

What the Brothers Sang is available on CD (WIGCD300), vinyl (WIGLP300) and digitally (WIG300D). 

The new single, ‘Somebody Help Me’ will be released on July 1st digitally.