Wild Beasts | 05/08/16

Image: Get My Bang hi-res packshot

Domino are pleased to share news of a summer sampler; named after the first single from Wild Beasts new album, Get My Bang! showcases the sharpest cuts from Domino’s 2016 releases. 

Alongside the likes of Blood Orange – at his most personal and political on the recent Freetown Sound, The Kills – still simmering with tension on their fifth record, Baltimore’s finest Animal Collective, the beloved King Creosote and of course, Wild Beasts, there is also a slew of newer artists from the Domino stable to delve into including Kansas-based Taryn Miller aka Your Friend, Sam Coomes (The Quasi man’s first solo album), NYC’s Porches, and the shadowy, psychedelic adventurers Higher Authorities.

Get My Bang! is available free with every order placed at Domino Mart and there’s a 20% discount available across the catalogue (excluding pre-orders until September 1st).  Plenty of bang for your buck!

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Full tracklisting:

1.       Wild Beasts – Get My Bang

2.       Blood Orange – Best To You

3.       Motion Graphics – Lense

4.       Sam Coomes – Stride On

5.       The Kills – Doing It To Death

6.       Bob Moses – Before I Fall

7.       Porches – Hour

8.       Night Moves – Carl Sagan

9.       King Creosote – You Just Want

10.   Higher Authorities - … And Why Not

11.   Your Friend – Come Back From It

12.   White Lung – Below

13.   The Range – Florida

14.   Animal Collective – FloriDada

15.   Yorkston Thorne Khan – Little Black Buzzer

16.   Villagers – That Day (live version)