White Williams | 04/04/08

Image: White Williams

Recently signed to the Double Six label, favourite of Vampire Weekend, Dirty Projectors et la, and all round wiz kid; White Williams releases his first single 'New Violence' on the 14th April and his debut album 'Smoke' lapping at the heals on 21st April.

Unashamedly pop, these sounds are for anyone in need of some instant summer and those who ever imagined a slightly 'Buck Rogers' future of space boogie.

Like a young, musical MacGyver (sans mullet); you could trap White Williams in any room with various tools and instruments and he'd fuse some DIY pop invention to distract the guards to get the inmates partying.

You can see what all the fuss is about yourself as he'll be planning dates in May and June - more on that soon - in the meanwhile, check out this sweet Pitchfork review of 'Smoke' and great performance of 'Going Down' at SXSW 08.