Tricky | 02/07/10

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Domino is pleased to announce the arrival of the new album from Tricky, Mixed Race, on 27th September 2010. Mixed Race is Tricky’s ninth studio album and his second released through Domino after 2008’s Knowle West Boy. "Murder Weapon" will be released as the first single on 30th August – listen to it here:

Tricky - Murder Weapon

Mixed Race was recorded in Paris, where Tricky currently lives, and is Tricky’s most direct album to date. Musically his magpie’s eye takes influence from UK, Jamaica, the US, North Africa and France.

There’s a wealth of experience distilled within as Tricky approaches twenty years of recording; yet he remains as vital as ever. He sets out his motivation early with "Every Day", and then proceeds with narration and temptation, reflection and perception, mischief and misbehaviour.

As ever he has a wealth of singers and collaborators. Mixed Race introduces Irish-Italian Franky Riley who has toured as Tricky’s vocalist for two years and makes her recording debut here, there’s also Terry Lynn, Bobby Gillespie, Hakim Hamadouche, Blackman and Tricky’s brother, Marlon Thaws who’s the thirteenth of fourteen siblings.

Tricky says “Every album is a learning experience and this is concentrated music, there’s no dilution. I’m comfortable in my own skin now, comfortable with being in the light. I’m not just a kid from Knowle West trying to build a future, I have some experience, I can experiment, I can be honest, and honestly, musically, I can’t be touched. I used to hide in the shadows when I played live, now I perform. I used to hate doing interviews, now I feel honoured that people would be interested in what I have to say. I’ve spent my life going between cultures; Mixed Race is about that, and in a very direct way.”

Mixed Race will be available on CD (WIGCD256), LP (WIGLP256) and via digital download (WIG256D).

The album’s tracklisting is as follows:
1. Every Day
2. Kingston Logic
3. Early Bird
4. Ghetto Stars
5. Hakim
6. Come To Me
7. Murder Weapon
8. Time To Dance
9. Really Real
10. Bristol To London

Tricky will be performing at the following festivals in the UK:

-Sunday 11th July: T in the Park, Kinross (Slam Tent, 2.30pm)
-Saturday 21st August: V Festival, Hylands Park, Chelmsford (Union Arena, 7.30pm)
-Sunday 22nd August: V Festival, Weston Park, Stafford (Union Arena, 7.30pm)
-Friday 10th September: Bestival, Newport, Isle Of Wight (Big Top Stage, 10.30pm)


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