Nagisa Ni te | GEOG11 | Released: 01/01/02

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Songs For A Simple Moment was conceived as a retrospective of the music of Shinji Shibayama and the two great groups he has led - The Hallelujahs (1985 / 88), and since 1992, Nagisa Ni te, a co-venture with his partner Masako Takeda. These two projects, alongside Shibuyama's sterling work for the legendary Osaka based record label Org (Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Naoki Zushi) place him absolutely at the vanguard of a type of Japanese music which is sometimes referred to as folk-psyche. The Shibayama (and Takeda) variation is particularly beautiful, characterised by honesty and emotional nakedness, and by complex melodic structures and fragile vocals, which often give way to incredible soaring guitar solos. In Japan, Nagisa Ni Te's music is on the ascendance and a new album, Feel has just been released.

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Image: Songs For A Simple Moment Packshot

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  • 01. Wonder
  • 02. The True Sun (Previously Unreleased Live Version)
  • 03. Me, On The Beach
  • 04. Elegy To Betrayal
  • 05. Star (Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix)
  • 06. They
  • 07. I'll Follow Soon, No Matter Where You Are (Previously Unreleased Demo)
  • 08. I'm Not Green (Previously Unreleased Alternate Version)
  • 09. The True World (Previously Unreleased Live Version)
  • 10. Far Cry