The Royal We | GEOG32 | Released: 23/09/07

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Geographic is thrilled to present, at last, the fabulous debut single by The Royal We. All The Rage encapsulates their staggered swagger perfectly, glam on the cheap, sassy and fun, but sadly not built to last. In a way that's why it's a perfect pop moment, touchable but not really - you could fill a weekend scanning youtube for these kind of moments and maybe find yourself looking at The Move (with Carl Wayne) singing Flowers In The Rain or The Fire Engines singing Candy Skin or Francoise Hardy or T.Rex or anything really. The Royal We are on youtube too singing All The Rage. The singer gets eaten by the rest of the group. How come?

The Royal We were, and are, six young dreamers who came together in early 2006, under inevitable Glasgow rain to plot and do stuff and hang out in cafes as if in a Godard movie. Some of them were on their way to university or art school and others were just waiting. Singer Jihae Simmons had come all the way from Los Angeles with an idealised image of Glasgow and how a Glasgow pop group should be. It's fair to say that the other members, Roxanne Clifford, Patrick Doyle, Graeme Ronald, Joan Sweeney and Colin Kearney had their own take on a 'Glasgow pop group' but things seemed to coincide and very quickly they'd a bunch of songs with winning names like All The Rage. They were fast and they knew they were already pretty good.

So good by summer 2006, The Royal We had kind of taken over and everyone was talking about them and members were turning up on Belle & Sebastian and Franz Ferdinand covers. If that all sounds quite hype then ok, but The Royal We were the most fun in town their shows had it down and they had great songs and a great sound. On All The Rage and on their forthcoming self-titled album you can, like with everything else on youtube, almost be there in this polaroid moment. Only better than that, this group still exists, they're not history, you might even see them at one of their shows, Jihae never really got eaten by the others, not really. L'Enfant Terrible is only about two months old, but it's very much like a later polaroid, with different colours, different film. They changed, but that's good.

The Royal We are so pop it's almost over already. In December Jihae is moving back to LA and the other members are ready to move on to new things too. But for now, they're plotting and dreaming new schemes, together and apart. People, The Royal We are here.


Image: All The Rage Packshot

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  • Side A
    01. All The Rage
  • Side B
    01. L'Enfant Terrible