Narcoleptic groove. A late night smokey haze. The sound of near silence. Woodbine are deep into the dusk and dawn when the city sleeps. Cut away all the industrial sound and see what's underneath. Listen hard and let it infuse your tunes. This is the sound of musicians leaning into 4 tracks late at night lost in their own world...a music that is both hypnotic and unusual. Words like 'Special Brew' and 'altered states' gatecrash the conversation. With Woodbine there is also talk of 'lost time' and of a trio of wilfully perverse musicians who took four years from getting signed to releasing a record. But then all great art has never fitted onto a tidy wallchart. ''When we started we wanted to play punk rock,'' laughs guitarists Robert Healey ''but we ended up sounding like this...'' I love that. I'll tell you what someone who normally loves the full on adrenaline rush of punk rock and its associated swagger loves about Woodbine. I love its out there ness. the way it seeps out of the walls the perfect soundtrack to the late night pre dawn down time, 5 o clock in the morning and you've got the city to yourself that deathly hush with just them hum of life in the distance. How far away from rock n roll can you get? Their debut album was mixed by those gorgeous motherfuckers Royal Trux... another band who understand how to be understated and wild at the same time. It's all starting to make perfect sense.