Image: upbeat love

Upbeat Love


Mindful they didn’t want to spend their lives down the pits or herding sheep, Threatmantics went for the third Welsh cliche – singing. No one could have predicted it would turn out this way…

Heddwyn Davies on viola and singing
Taliesyn Källström on percussion and singing
Andrew Rhys Lewis on guitar and singing
Gareth Middleton on bass
Huw Alun Davies on drums

Bi-polar by nature, Threatmantics attempt to crowbar as much into rock and roll as possible. Veering wildly from heartbroken folk, to balls-out rock, to spine-crushing metal, to good-time pop; barely held together by very fine thread and pretty ribbons, they play music that sounds as much like the band they wish they were as possible.
Whether they will survive the pits and troughs remains to be seen, but it’s a special thing to be able to soundtrack your own adventure.

Threatmantics released their debut Upbeat Love on Double Six in 2008, and are currently working on the follow up, to be released in 2010.