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Hey People!


As a record label, you're bound to get music sent to you from aspiring musicians, hoping that their creative efforts find fertile ground and we welcome these submissions. Obviously, the more well known the label, the more music you get and from further afield. Sadly, the quantity far outstrips the quality by a thousand-fold and the process of sifting through all of this, um, creativity requires the persistence and patience of a '49er panning for precious metals in a streambed. The Beautiful New Born Children are one of those bands that make such a labor of love worthwhile. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and, occasionally, bands do get signed off unsolicited demos. The music came on a non-descript CD-R (with no contact info, mind you) that belied the contents within: feverish blasts of raw rock 'n' roll that stomps and swaggers all over the garage. Imagine The Sonics recording Slanted And Enchanted in 1966 for In The Red Records and you're in the neighborhood. Have we oversold? Perhaps. But what the hell, careers have been built on worse hyperbole. Much remains a mystery still. It took weeks to track 'em down through a six-degrees-of-separation game that only the internet age could possibly facilitate. And once contact was made, details were slow in coming. Sure, we've corresponded, even spoken once or twice. The lead singer plays guitar both here and with a bevy of other projects on the docket including, surprisingly, Schneider TM. The other guitarist is usually a bassist who happens to make a living designing lace patterns for women's lingerie. The drummer is usually a guitarist who picked up the sticks for the first time for The BNBC and was in a band before with the bassist, who's married to the lead singer. And, yes, they're all parents to beautiful children, though only one of them is new born.