Sounding like a bootleg Def Jam t -shirt at the end of a sweaty party the Test Icicles trio made a sound already casting a long shadow of influence among their peers and a new generation of messy hyper-hormoned kids. The trio of 25-year-old Rory Atwell and 19-year-olds Sam Mehran and Devonté Hynes burst out of underground file sharing sights and into messy one off gigs in friend?s houses in a riot of shredder guitar solos, beatbox rhythms, fringes and drainpipes. Whilst many bands claim to be "into a bit of everything" Test Icicles sounded like everything they'd ever heard, spewed out and re-wired for a different type of moshpit etiquette, a brand new teenage riot. The tracks on their debut album For Screening Purposes Only sounded like mash-ups of themselves and the single Circle, Square, Triangle became a modern nightclub staple. Their live shows were an eruption of metal poses, injury, boy and girl crowd surfacing and air punching - a spectacle that any award winning stylist would have trouble improving Just as mainstream media were beginning to get their heads around peer to peer networking and the power of MySpace the band that had truly evolved out of below the radar networking did the unthinkable and split - and left a perfect mess of themselves on record.