Image: Starlite Walker

Starlite Walker


Silver Jews music and words has a sense of human care that is just all at odds with the 'easy art' overload that bombards us all, bringing misery to our simple lives. I first heard them on 'Dime Map of the Reef', singing about Canada and thoughtfully telling us the names of every state Atlantic to Pacific, somehow knowing that this would be one geography lesson that would really stick. But mostly the Silver Jews seem more about history than geography; about 'Trains Across the Sea' and 'The Frontier Index', 'Jackson Nightz' and 'Federal Dust'. The Silver Jews is definitely some kind of education; a mixture of great truths and false trails. Their records make me smile and want to get drunk and play them all back to back; chronologically, cause DCB would respect that. Now he tells me his book of poetry, 'Actual Air' (publisher Open City) is finally coming out, and that the Joos are headed for Nashville to make a new record, boldly claiming that one song 'Room Games and Diamond Rain' may bring rhinestones back in style if the people are ready. The Silver Jews are true American (European descended) originals and I think we should celebrate that with a stiff drink.