Schlammpeitziger's Jo Zimmerman is a singularity in his scene. A throwback to the pre-digital electronic primitivism of Krautrock pioneers Cluster and Harmonia, while his Cologne compatriots and A Musik labelmates launch fiddly, finickerty symphonies from their software patches, Zimmermann's five, intensely Teutonically titled albums paint the bigger picture, soliciting stately washes of sound soul-coaxed from the circuits of his synths. In 2001, Domino came into the frame, releasing a compilation surveying Zimmerman's 8 years of lo-fi audio entertainment. Collected Simplesongs of My Temporary Past served as a capsulated career catch up, capturing the essence of Schlammpeitziger across its 13 tracks, from machine-tooled melancholy to endearingly off-kilter rhythms. Whilst 8 years is an eternity in electronic music terms, the collection?s a testament to Jo Zimmerman's ability to craft timeless sounds.