Before adopting the name Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy in the late 1990s, Will Oldham recorded a series of releases under the name Palace and a variety of modifiers: Palace Brothers, Palace Music, Palace Songs. If there was significance in the regular change in name it was one Oldham was uninterested in explaining.

Similarly any attempt to differentiate between the work of Bonnie Prince Billy and the earlier Palace recordings has also been dismissed. Instead it’s perhaps best to see Oldham’s fondness for changing names as a way of avoiding anything as significant or prosaic as a band or project title and the kind of career path orthodoxies that such a fixed, professional approach implies.

Each Palace record features a different set of musicians and a revolving cast of contributors. Consequently each Palace album has a unique tone and atmosphere in which Oldham’s cracked voice and remarkable song writing are the constant, beguiling presence.