In the summer of 1996, The Lone Pigeon was the singer/songwriter and co founder of The Beta Band (The Pigeons being the original name for the Beta Band). However, by the time of their signing to Regal later that year, he was forced to fly home to Scotland due to ill-health, and has subsequently proved too unstable to rejoin the now defunct London based band.His co-writing credits include 'Dry the Rain', 'B + A' and 'Dogs got a Bone' from the 'Champion Versions' EP, and 'The Cow's Wrong' on The Beta Band's debut album.

Back in Fife, The Lone Pigeon has continued to work as a prolific musician and artist and has become an integral member of the Fence Collective. So what is Fence? A micro-indie label and collective of northeast Fife bands, Billy Pilgrim, Gummi Bako, James Yorkston, King Creosote, Pip Dylan, who play on each other's songs live and on each other's records. The Fence collective have quietly been writing and recording songs for years with little regard for the music industry, simply handing out CDs to friends or anyone listening, yet producing some of the most exciting home-grown music to grace Britain.

This wayward approach has spawned a legion of loyal followers including ourselves at Domino.