"I started recording under the name Directorsound around 1999 in Colchester, as a 4-track project while studying literature there. Always an instrumental concern, Directorsound became my outlet for the ineffable, competing for my favour of expression with my studies. Illness moved me on from Essex, as it later would from London, until I settled in convalescence in my home village of West Moors, Dorset. By the end of 2001, as a 22 year old, I began my album on a borrowed quarter inch reel to reel. It became my only focus for the first 3 months of 2002. A nature of catharsis and a regaining confidence became involved in the work which was being constantly chopped and rearranged in the still void of my Dorset village. I closed off almost all other sources of music at this time, but would return to Dante, Mann and Miller, and watch films once night had stopped recording. Then on Easter Day I had completed this, my first offering, my Redemptive Strikes." Nick Palmer, Dorset, May 2003