Hove's Clearlake have a ragged, very English charm. Their debut, Lido (2000) earned them many high profile friends and from its title down had an out of season seaside atmosphere set off by Jason Pegg's vocals and lyrics. The record was awash in the trademark wistfulness of a chronicler of rainy day moments - the sort of person who goes 'jumblesailing'.

The release of their second album, Cedars (2003) resulted in a burgeoning appetite in the US for the band's fireside sepia charm and an engaging weariness to Pegg's observations and, on a non-stop two month stateside tour a growing ability in the band to rock - in a very British way.

Amber (2006) continued with the one word album titles that, lined up together, sound like the index of a Philip Larkin volume. It also saw the band playing to their strengths whilst stretching out their arrangements to sound both more muscular and more introverted than before. Clearlake are thin young men in a tradition somewhere between Ray Davies and Metroland-era John Betjeman adding their own autumnal sunset to a very soft melancholy.